Abused & Starved Boxer Puppy Forced To Suffer Day After Day With No End In Sight

Broward Animal Care reached out to us with a desperate plea to save a Boxer pup named Lenny who was found as a stray after likely being dumped. Upon arrival, we were shocked to find a skeletal figure trembling before us. Though the shelter mentioned his age as 1.5 years, our vet discovered that Lenny was merely 7 months old, and severely stunted due to lifelong malnutrition. His emaciated frame and haunted eyes told a heart-wrenching tale of neglect.

However, the extent of Lenny’s suffering went beyond malnourishment. Our veterinarian’s examination revealed deep scars and bruising, suggesting a traumatic past. Lenny’s fragile body bore signs of abuse, leaving us speechless and filled with outrage. The physical toll on his young body is immense, leaving him with physical and emotional scars that will take time and care to heal. This tiny boy has been starved both medically AND for love.

Our dedicated vet examined Lenny closely, crafting a treatment plan that would guide him toward recovery. With specialized care, nourishment, and rehabilitation, we aim to bring Lenny back to life. Though the road ahead will be challenging, we refuse to give up on this brave and resilient soul. Lenny’s spirit has already begun to shine through, yearning for a chance at a life filled with love and joy.

Please consider donating to help cover the cost of Lenny’s essential medical treatment, to nurse this sweet boy back to health. Every contribution, no matter the size, will make an immense difference in his journey towards healing. Thank you for your invaluable generosity in advance, and we will keep you updated as we progress down this road together!

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